Canadian Pediatric Cancer Consortium


The $23 million investment in the Canadian Pediatric Cancer Consortium is the largest investment ever made for a Canadian pediatric cancer research project in Canada. The funds for the Consortium come from the $30 million investment in pediatric cancer research announced in Budget 2021.

The Consortium will research all phases of childhood cancer - from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. It will address knowledge gaps in pediatric cancer research. Objectives include:

  • Establish a foundation for coordinated research in pediatric cancer and knowledge mobilization in Canada
  • Improve the research pipeline for the development and further access to drugs for children affected by cancer
  • Develop new therapies for childhood cancer
  • Train and mentor the next generation of pediatric cancer researchers

Dr. David Malkin and Dr. Jim Whitlock from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto will lead team members from across Canada who have a diversity of experience, including research involving First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada.

The Consortium will also collaborate with key stakeholders from academic, clinical, not-for-profit, industry, government and other relevant sectors, as well as with patients and their caregivers in order to better understand the needs of children affected by cancer and their families/caregivers, and how to address those needs. The Consortium’s work extends to interprovincial, territorial, and international collaborations in clinical trials and enhancing access to drugs for pediatric cancer patients.

CIHR is committed to continuing to invest in pediatric cancer research. In addition to funding the consortium, the agency supports research relevant to pediatric cancer and pediatric populations through the Project Grant competitions. Investments in childhood cancer research have already been made in relevant proposals through the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Project competitions, and more competitions are underway.

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