Management Advisory Board for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The MAB for the RCMP provides advice and guidance to the RCMP Commissioner on key modernization and management matters. 

The MAB is an independent group of up to 13 external experts. It provides impartial advice based on its expertise, experience, and best judgement. The MAB establishes its own priorities, procedures and work plans.

The Government of Canada established the MAB in June 2019 under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act.

Management Advisory Board welcomes five new members, and offers its heartfelt thanks to departing Chairperson, Professor Kent Roach

Members and Secretariat Staff of the MAB for the RCMP are pleased to announce that five new members have been appointed, bringing the membership to a complement of 11. On behalf of the Board and Secretariat Staff, we welcome the following new members: Ingrid Berkeley, Edward Lennard Busch, Lynn Chaplin, Stanley T. Lowe, and Manuelle Oudar. Their diverse expertise and background will be a great addition to our current members who were appointed or reappointed earlier this year. 

The Board and Secretariat Staff would also like to sincerely thank Professor Kent Roach for his time and contribution to the work of the Board as Chairperson. During his tenure, Professor Roach provided valuable perspectives and played an instrumental role in the continued modernization of the RCMP while increasing the transparency of the Board. The Board’s Vice-Chairperson, Simon Coakeley, has agreed to act as Interim Chair for a period of up to 90 days in accordance with Part V of the RCMP Act.


Welcome from the Interim Chairperson

Thank you for consulting our website which went live in June 2023 as part of the MAB’s commitment to increased transparency and accountability to Canadians. I would like to acknowledge the important work done by all current and former members and the Secretariat Staff with respect to establishing the MAB as an important and independent advisory board for the RCMP.

MAB members are selected through a merit-based selection procedure attentive to the need to reflect the diversity of Canada and to have the range of expertise necessary to offer advice on the wide variety of challenges involved in modernizing the RCMP and making it responsive to the needs of all of the people it serves.

If you are interested in serving on the MAB and feel you have experience in: analyzing and providing informed, nuanced advice on sensitive and complex issues in a large organization; and the interpretation and application of legislation, regulations and policies, I encourage you to apply to be a member. Additional criteria and appointment opportunities to the MAB can be found at the following link: GIC Appointment Opportunities.

I hope that this website will help you have a better understanding of the role and work done by the MAB.

Simon Coakeley
Interim Chairperson, Management Advisory Board for the RCMP

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