# 2015-154 - Entry into the Promotion Zone , Promotion, Re-Enrollment, Time Credit for Promotion (TCP)

Entry into the Promotion Zone , Promotion, Re-Enrollment, Time Credit for Promotion (TCP)

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2015–07–28

The grievor enrolled and re-enrolled in the CAF three times. Upon his most recent enrollment, his Enrollment Transfer Posting message indicated that he had 34 days of Time Credit for Promotion (TCP). Once a CAF member, he was placed on Counselling and Probation (C&P). After he completed the C&P, he was promoted within days.

The Chief Clerk (CC) of the grievor's unit advised him that the calculation of his TCP upon his most recent enrollment should have been 169 days, not 34 days. The CC advised that this change would render the grievor eligible for promotion much sooner than when it actually occurred. The grievor submitted a grievance and contended that the CC's calculations for his TCP were accurate, that he met all prerequisites for promotion and that he should have been promoted before his C&P, more than 220 days prior to his promotion. He requested that the TCP calculations be reflected on his Member Personnel Record Résumé, that they count as time towards promotion to the next rank, and back pay for his delayed promotion.

There was no Initial Authority decision in this file, given that after granting two time extensions, the grievor requested that his file be sent to the Final Authority.

With respect to TCP, the Committee conducted its own calculations and found that the grievor should have been granted 64 days of TCP, not 34 days, upon his most recent enrollment.

With respect to the grievor's promotion date, the Committee noted that the promotion conditions contained in Canadian Forces Administrative Order 49-4 include the CO's recommendation. The Committee found that, since the grievor was issued a Recorded Warning, that his CO recommended his release and that he was then placed on C&P, he was not suitable for promotion until after his C&P. The Committee found that the grievor's promotion date was reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances.

The Committee recommended to the Chief of the Defence Staff that the grievance be denied, but that the grievor's record be amended to show 64 days of TCP upon his most recent enrollment.

CDS Decision Summary

CDS Decision Date: 2015–10–28

The FA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation that the grievance be denied.

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