# 2015-322 - Recruitment, Special Commissioning Plan (SCP), Waiver

Recruitment, Special Commissioning Plan (SCP), Waiver

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–03–17

After attempting the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) on three occasions, the grievor failed to meet the minimum cut-off score for entry into a commissioning program on any of the three attempts. The grievor argued that he should be granted a waiver of the CFAT requirement based on his education, training and experience.

The initial authority (IA) denied the grievance, finding that the grievor had been treated fairly and in accordance with the relevant policies. The IA noted that the CFAT served two purposes: to determine eligibility for commissioning or assignment to a specific occupation; and, it accounted for 60% of a candidate's competitive score in the selection process. The IA also found that the grievor was not eligible for a waiver of the CFAT.

The Committee found that there were no strong, compensating factors that would justify granting the grievor a waiver of the CFAT and that, even with a waiver, his file would not be competitive in a selection process. The Committee therefore recommended the grievance be denied.

CDS Decision Summary

CDS Decision Date: 2016–06–03

The FA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation that the grievance be denied.

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