# 2016-006 - Prior Learning Assessment Review (PLAR)

Prior Learning Assessment Review (PLAR)

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–04–14

The grievor attended a Qualification Level (QL) 5 course on three occasions. He was returned to his unit each time because of medical and personal reasons. The grievor requested a Prior Learning Assessment and Review (PLAR) because he considered that, over the three courses and prior qualifications, he had passed all the required Performance Objectives (PO) to be granted his QL 5.

The PLAR acknowledged that the grievor had passed most of the POs but that additional requirements had been added to two POs previously granted that need to be retaken. The PLAR reviewed the grievor's conduct and considered that he was not suitable for his occupation. The QL 5 was not granted.

An Administrative Review (AR) found that the grievor had not succeeded on his last course due to medical and personal reasons and not because he had failed any POs. The Director Military Careers directed that the grievor be re-coursed or, if the training institution granted credit for those POs completed, attend only for those POs not granted.

The grievor disagreed with the PLAR and submitted his grievance arguing that he had, in fact passed all required POs and requested that he be granted his QL 5.

The Initial Authority denied the grievance on the basis that the grievor's claim for equivalency was not substantiated and that he was required to complete the entire course in one serial.

The Committee found that the grievor had completed all the POs required by the Training Plan.

The Committee reviewed the Training Plan and found that there was no provision that required all the POs be successfully completed during a single course. The Committee also found that the Training Plan did not preclude granting a QL 5 equivalency based on a PLAR request under the Canadian Armed Forces Military Equivalencies Program.

The Committee reviewed the concerns about the grievor's conduct and determined these issues were properly handled outside the PLAR process by his chain of command.

The Committee recommended that the grievor be granted his QL 5 qualification effective the end date of his latest course.

FA Decision Summary

The FA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation that the grievance be upheld. As the jobed-based specifications could not be used to deny the grievor's training PLAR, and as the training plan did not state that he needed to complete the performance objectives in one attempt, the grievor met all QL5 course requirements.

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