# 2016-035 - Training Failure, Training Review Board

Training Failure, Training Review Board

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–04–25

Upon enrolment into the CAF, the grievor was granted his qualification level 5 phase one, and was required to undergo an on the job training program (OJTP) to complete his phase two within 12 months. As the grievor was unsuccessful in completing his OJTP after 12 months, a Training Review Board (TRB) was convened and recommended that the grievor be given an additional three months to complete the program. Since he still had not successfully completed the program after the additional three months, a second TRB recommended that the grievor's training be ceased and that he be released from the CAF. The grievor objected to these recommendations.

The initial authority found that the grievor's deficiencies had been sufficiently identified and he had been given ample time, support and assistance to overcome them, but he still failed to successfully complete his OJTP. Therefore the recommendations of the TRB were reasonable.

The Committee found that since the grievor had now been given a transfer to another occupation, his objections to the release recommendation were now moot. The Committee was also satisfied that the CAF had provided the grievor with an environment conducive to being successful in the OJTP, but the grievor could not meet the established standard within an acceptable period of time. The Committee therefore found that the decision to cease the grievor's training was reasonable and recommended the grievance be denied.

Notwithstanding the above, in reviewing the grievance, the Committee also noted that the grievor had been given the remedial measure of Initial Counselling (IC) for performance while undergoing his OJTP. While the grievor had not specifically contested the IC, the Committee found that the IC was unnecessary, as the grievor's performance deficiencies in failing to complete his OJTP, were already captured in his training documentation. The Committee therefore found that the IC was not appropriate and recommended that it be quashed.

FA Decision Summary

The FA did not agree with the Committee's finding that the decision to cease the grievor's training was reasonable. While the FA did not agree with all of the allegations that the grievor raised regarding his training, the FA found that the On Job Performance Record (OJPR) for the grievor's occupation was not used or provided to the grievor as was required under the applicable training plan. As such, the FA did not consider the training conducted without the OJPR valid and granted the grievor a further period of training.

The FA agreed with the Committee that the IC issued to the grievor for performance was improper. The FA indicated that the grievor's performance could not be found deficient based on the standard for someone qualified in their occupation given that the grievor had not completed his training. The FA directed that the IC be removed from the grievor's file.

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