# 2016-082 - Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA), Leave Travel Assistance

Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA), Leave Travel Assistance

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–06–02

The grievor was attached posted on Class C Reserve Service to Op REASSURANCE, located in Europe, with a prohibition on the move of his household goods and effects (HG&E). He was awarded special leave and he met with his next of kin (NOK) who flew from Toronto. The grievor recognized that he is not entitled to Leave Travel Assistance in accordance with paragraph 209.50(3) of the Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) contrary to his Regular Force peers to whom the move of HG&E requirement does not apply. He argued that his situation represents an unforeseen gap in the leave policy applicable to personnel on OP REASSURANCE and that Canadian Armed Forces members from both components should be treated equitably. The grievor requested reimbursement for his NOK's travel and amendment to the policy.

The Initial Authority denied the grievance finding that there is no policy direction to allow for the reimbursement of the grievor's expenses.

The Committee found that the grievor's entitlements must be determined on the basis of policies applicable to members on attached posting oversea, as he was attach posted to a position with OP REASSURANCE in Europe. His situation should have been assessed against chapter 10 of the CBI, the Military Foreign Service Instruction (MFSI), more precisely Section 21, which deals with Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA).

The Committee recommended to the Final Authority that the grievor's eligible HLTA expenses be reimbursed in accordance with sub-section 10.2.05(3)(k) of the MFSI.

FA Decision Summary

The FA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation that the grievor be reimbursed the travel costs for his mother in accordance with MFSls 10.2.05(3)(k) and 10.21.07.

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