# 2016-129 - Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP), Interim Lodging, Meals and Incidentals (ILM&I)

Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP), Interim Lodging, Meals and Incidentals (ILM&I)

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–12–05

The grievor claimed that she was denied the relocation benefits she was entitled to as a consequence of a short notice posting that prevented her from conducting a House Hunting Trip (HHT), selling her principal residence, and moving her Household Goods and Effects (HG&E) before reporting to her new unit. She sought 15 days of Interim Lodging, Meals and Miscellaneous Expenses (ILM&M) for the period she stayed at a friend's place, and 11 days of Non-Commercial Lodging for storing her excess HG&E at a friend's place.

The Director General Compensation and Benefits, as the Initial Authority, recognized that the grievor had to pay out of pocket for certain expenditures at her new place of duties but found that the grievor had nonetheless received all the relocation benefits she was entitled to. He denied the grievance.

The Committee found that the grievor's posting was unequivocally a short notice posting as defined in Clarification Bulletin 1 to the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP), a clear consequence of meeting the operational needs of the Canadian Armed Forces, and that the grievor was separated from her HG&E for reasons beyond her control. The Committee concluded that the grievor was entitled to the 15 days of ILM&M she was claiming.

As for the remainder of the grievor's demands, the Committee found that the use of non-commercial lodging to cover the costs associated with storage of belongings is the wrong application of the CF IRP policy for what she intends to use it. Furthermore, the Committee found that the grievor had not made the demonstration that she incurred storage expenses, and consequently that she was not entitled to such reimbursement.

The Committee recommended to the Chief of the Defence Staff that he authorizes an additional 15 days of ILM&M benefits to the grievor from the Core envelope of the CF IRP.

FA Decision Summary

The DGCFGA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation. Like the Committee, he found that the grievor did not receive all authorized relocation benefits due to the fact that BGRS and subsequently the IA, did not apply the provision of CFIRP with regards to short notice posting. He directed that the grievor be paid 15 days of ILM&M for the identified periods.

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