# 2016-154 - Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA)

Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA)

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–12–16

The grievor purchased a replacement residence at the new location before selling his principal residence at origin. After being informed that part of his claim for Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA) benefits was denied, he argued that janitorial services should be covered under the TDRA as any unsold residence actively on the market requires regular cleaning. Furthermore, he alleged that expenses associated with weed control and tree removal are property maintenance costs which should be reimbursed under the TDRA provision. Finally, the grievor asked for the reimbursement of mortgage interest charges.

The Director General Compensation and Benefits, acting as the Initial Authority (IA), denied the grievance. The IA concluded that the application of weed control herbicide and the removal of a fallen tree do not constitute “minor property maintenance” and denied this portion of the grievance. The IA also concluded that the grievor was already reimbursed, in accordance with the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP) policy for the mortgage interest and janitorial services.

The Committee found that the herbicide treatment used by the grievor did not fall within the meaning of property maintenance for the purpose of TDRA and that the removal of a fallen tree constituted repairs to damage and not maintenance. With respect to the janitorial services, the Committee found that the policy does not include professional cleaning as a reimbursable expense under the TDRA provision of the CF IRP. Finally, on the issue of mortgage interest, the Committee found that interest charges from the second mortgage incurred before the closing date constitute a customary expense associated with maintaining two residences.

Accordingly, the Committee recommended that the grievor be reimbursed for mortgage interest incurred from the second mortgage before the closing date.

FA Decision Summary

The FA agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation that the grievance be partially granted, and that the grievor be reimbursed for mortgage interest incurred from the second mortgage before the closing date. The FA also allowed reimbursement of charges for lawn mowing and trimming around obstacles.

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