# 2016-182 - Release - Medical, Transition Assistance Program

Release - Medical, Transition Assistance Program

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2016–12–12

The grievor, who was taking courses as part of his Service Income Security Insurance Plan vocational rehabilitation (SISIP Voc Rehab) program, wanted his date of release extended so that the release process would not interfere with his exams at the end of the school term. He also requested that Canadian Forces General Message (CANFORGEN) 094/10 be amended to allow those who are receiving SISIP funded education be given the option to extend their release dates, similar to members whose education is being funded through the Canadian Armed Forces Educational Reimbursement (CAF ER) program.

The Acting Director General Military Careers, acting as the Initial Authority, explained that the purpose of CANFORGEN 094/10 is to ensure a smooth transition from the CAF ER program to the SISIP Voc Rehab program. As the grievor had already transitioned to the SISIP Voc Rehab program, the IA found that there was no reason to extend his release date and denied the requested redress.

The Committee found that the CAF's denial of a change to the grievor's date of release did not impede his ability to successfully complete his education. The Committee also found that CANFORGEN 094/10 was correctly applied to the grievor's situation and that there was no need to amend the policy, as the distinction made for members receiving CAF ER funding was needed to ensure that there would be no interruption in their educational funding.

Consequently, the Committee recommended that the grievance be denied.

FA Decision Summary

The FA agreed with the Committee's Findings and Recommendations to deny the grievance. As the Committee, the FA found that the grievor's medical release date and transition were treated in accordance with policy.

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