# 2016-216 - Posting Allowance (PA)

Posting Allowance (PA)

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2017–05–17

The grievor had not yet completed his Military Occupational Classification (MOC) training when his initial posting message was amended from prohibited status to restricted by the training authority without his knowledge. This change in posting status negatively affected his entitlement to relocation benefits under the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP) upon completion of his MOC training. Following the MOC training the grievor was posted to a unit at the same Base. Although he eventually received relocation benefits under Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) 208, Section 8, the grievor's claim for a posting allowance was denied.

The Director General Compensation and Benefits, acting as the Initial Authority (IA), found that CBI 208, Section 8, was correctly applied to the grievor's circumstances by the training authority and noted that the grievor was not entitled to a posting allowance because he had not yet attained career status when his posting message was amended from prohibited to restricted.

The Committee first found that the training authorities <i.e. the Basic Training List managers at training Bases> have been given the necessary delegated authority to determine whether a move at public expense is in the interest of the public and the member in cases where the required training will be longer than one year. Therefore, the Committee concluded that the amending of the grievor's initial posting message by the training authority from prohibited to restricted status should stand.

The Committee then found that because the grievor was not MOC qualified when he moved his dependants (D) and household goods and effects (HG&E) on his own, he could not claim any relocation benefits under the CF IRP. However, the Committee agreed with the IA that CBI 208 – Section 8, does not require that the grievor be MOC qualified to obtain reimbursement for the move of his (D) HG&E, and that CBI article 208.82 allowed for the reimbursement of the grievor's actual costs incurred since enrolment in moving his (D) HG&E. The Committee noted that the grievor's expenses have since been reimbursed leaving just the posting allowance in dispute.

The Committee concluded that CBI article 208.849(1) requires that an officer have attained career status in order to be eligible for a posting allowance on posting. Given that the grievor had not yet attained career status on the date that his prohibited status was lifted, the Committee found that the grievor was not entitled to a posting allowance. As a result, the Committee recommended that the grievance be denied.

FA Decision Summary

The Director General Canadian Forces Grievance Authority agreed with the Committee's findings and its recommendation that the grievance be denied, as the grievor was treated in accordance with the policy. The grievor's posting had to be considered as a local move, making him ineligible to be paid for a move of HG&E and teh relocation of his dependants under the CF IRP.

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