# 2017-029 - Initial Counselling (IC), Recorded Warning, Remedial Measures

Initial Counselling (IC), Recorded Warning, Remedial Measures

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2017–07–06

The grievor complained that the Recorded Warning (RW) he had been issued was unjustified and argued that he had done nothing wrong. He contended that he had followed the direction of his Commanding Officer (CO) and that he had not breached the unit's Routine Orders. Therefore he wanted the RW quashed.

The Initial Authority (IA) determined that the grievor had exceeded the intent and direction provided to him by his CO by breaking the Chain of Command (CoC) in communicating directly with the Office of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) rather than going through his detachment. However, the IA determined that the RW should be replaced with an Initial Counselling (IC), as the lowest level of administrative action was sufficient in this instance to assist him overcoming his deficiency.

The Committee found that, as a member of his rank and experience, the grievor ought to have been aware of the need to go through his CoC in contacting the CDS's office. Furthermore, as the grievor had refused to accept responsibility for his actions, the Committee agreed with the IA that an IC was reasonable and necessary to assist the grievor in correcting his deficiency.

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