# 2017-055 - Personnel Development Review, Remedial Measures, Repatriation

Personnel Development Review, Remedial Measures, Repatriation

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2018–02–21

Following a series of complaints against the grievor over a protracted time period, his Commanding Officer (CO) in theatre decided to take action. In the course of seven days, the grievor was issued an adverse Personnel Development Review (PDR) and a Recorded Warning (RW) on the same day; a vague, unsigned and handwritten harassment complaint was submitted against the grievor; the grievor was removed from his position; an alleged weapons offence against him was reported; and, he was repatriated from theatre. The grievor argues that his Category D repatriation, the adverse PDR and the RW were all unjustified.

The Theatre Commander referred to the PDR and the RW and stated his decision to repatriate the grievor was the result of a cumulative effect of documented instances of issues with the grievor's performance.

The Committee recognized that the grievor's conduct presented some shortcomings, however the condensed timeline of one week where all of the action was taken, instead of when the events allegedly occurred was troubling and raised doubts about the necessity/urgency to repatriate the grievor months after their occurrence. The Committee found that most of the allegations lacked substantive evidence and did not justify the administration of an RW. Similarly, the PDR process was not followed and the Committee therefore found that the PDR should be removed from the grievor's records. Having found that the administrative actions taken against the grievor were not justified, the Committee concluded that his repatriation should be changed to Category A.

The Committee recommended that the PDR and RW be rescinded and removed from the grievor's file; and, that his be records be amended to reflect a Category A repatriation.

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