# 2017-057 - Career Progression

Career Progression

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F&R Date: 2018–02–27

The grievance concerns the training sequence for Legal Officers (Legal O) to achieve their Operational Functional Point (OFP). The grievor was denied permission to complete a Performance Objective (PO) of his on-job training (OJT) before attending his Legal Officer Qualification Course (LOQC). The grievor considers that completing his OJT, as described in the Legal O On the Job Performance Record (OJPR), before attending the LOQC would not result in a significant reduction of training value. He also maintains that the approved training sequence requires the completion of the OJT before attending LOQC.

There was no decision rendered by the Judge Advocate General (JAG) who was appointed as the Initial Authority (IA) as there were questions regarding the JAG's ability to act as IA. Hence the matter was not resolved within the prescribed time limit, and the grievor requested that his grievance be forwarded to the Final Authority.

The Committee found that the decision was wrongly made based on an interpretation of the training sequence that differs from the policy. However, the Committee also found that it would not have been fiscally responsible and prudent to allow the grievor to complete this portion of his OJT in a location that was not cost-effective. Therefore, the Committee recommended to deny the grievance.

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