# 2017-066 - De-linking of Rations and Quarters, Meal Expenses, Rations and Quarters

De-linking of Rations and Quarters, Meal Expenses, Rations and Quarters

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2017–11–07

The grievor, a Regular Force member undertaking basic occupational training, at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden requested to delink her Rations and Quarters (R&Q) and was denied based on the CFB Borden Standing Administrative Instruction (BBSAI) 527 stipulation that members on training are not permitted to de-link R&Q.

The grievor argued that BBSAI 527 is inherently unjust as mandatory rations strength places an unfair and costly burden on members who do not wish to use this service, and is contrary to previous direction issued by the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) on this matter.

The Initial Authority, the Commanding Officer Administration Branch CFB Borden, denied the grievance noting that the denial of the grievor's request to delink R&Q was made in accordance with applicable rules, regulations and policies.

In a 26 October 2012 grievance decision, the CDS directed that the linking of R&Q be optional other than in exceptional circumstances making de-linking impracticable. The CDS also directed that the Chief Military Personnel (CMP) develop a new R&Q linking policy. Subsequently, CMP issued MILPERSCOMGEN 2013-001 – Interim Direction for Delinking of Rations and Quarters. Regarding the interim direction, the Committee found that MILPERSCOMGEN 2013-001, and by extension BBSAI 527, were contrary to the CDS decision and direction of 26 October 2012, noting that, in effect, the direction makes linking mandatory for the majority of members in single quarters (SQ) and that it predetermines that all training situations require linking of R&Q.

The Committee reviewed the grievor's circumstances and did not find them to be exceptional such that they would require the linking of her R&Q. The Committee concluded that her R&Q should not have been linked, that she did not use her ration card, and that the whole of her rations charges for the unused and unwanted rations should be remitted by the CDS in accordance with his authority under the provisions of the Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces 208.52.

The Committee also noted that the grievor was paying for her SQ while also maintaining the costs of her principal residence in her place of enrolment over a period of time extending well beyond one year. The Committee reiterated the Final Authority endorsed position that Canadian Armed Forces members should not be expected to pay for accommodations in two different places when they are required to attend mandatory training and a cost move is prohibited. Therefore, the Committee found that the CDS should also remit the charges for provision of SQ to the grievor until she completes her training and is authorized to move at public expense.

Finally, the Committee made a systemic recommendation that the CDS direct that the MILPERSCOMGEN 2013-001 be cancelled and replaced by new direction emphasizing the optional nature of going on rations strength.

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