# 2017-096 - Personnel Development Review

Personnel Development Review

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2018–02–23

Upon presentation of a Personal Development Review (PDR) report to the grievor, the latter expressed his discontent to his supervisor by telling him that he was disappointed in him. This remark was not appreciated by his supervisor, who presented him with another feedback report under a PDR Part 5. The grievor challenged this feedback. He alleged that his statements were misunderstood, that he was instead expressing his disagreement with the content of the report, in particular the part concerning an incident involving weapons safety. The grievor requested that this measure be removed from his record.

The grievor's supervisor found that his off-putting behaviour during the feedback interview was unacceptable and merited the measure imposed. The Initial Authority concluded that the elements in the feedback report were proven and that the grievor's reaction, namely, the statements that he used towards his supervisor were disrespectful, and rejected the grievance.

The Committee noted that during the months preceding the feedback meeting, the grievor had, on a few occasions, refused to accept responsibility for his actions and showed a lack of respect toward the chain of command. The incident involving weapons safety was alarming, particularly since the grievor had tried to unjustly place the blame on his supervisor at the time. It was therefore justified that this incident be recorded in a feedback report. Therefore, the Committee concluded that the grievor, in telling his supervisor that he was disappointed in him, had not only showed a refusal to accept his responsibilities, but also tried to place the blame for his own mistakes on his supervisor. The Committee concluded that this attitude showed a lack of respect that could have justified more than mere feedback by issuing a PDR Part 5. The Committee therefore recommended the grievance be denied.

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