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F&R Date: 2021-01-28

The grievor was removed from the Medical Laboratory (MLab) Technician (Tech) On the Job Training Program (OJTP) after a series of review boards were triggered by a patient safety incident. The grievor argued that the decision to cease his training relied on inaccurate information about the incident. As redress, he sought to continue with his OJTP.  

The Initial Authority, the Commander of Canadian Forces Health Services Group, rejected the grievance because it was submitted beyond the three-month time limit set out in the Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces, article 7.06. However, the grievance was accepted for adjudication at the Final Authority level in the interests of justice.

Notwithstanding the disputed patient incident, the Committee reviewed the grievor's progress reports and concluded that there was reliable evidence showing that the grievor had repeatedly breached confidentiality, security and safety protocols. The Committee acknowledged the grievor's desire to enter the MLab Tech occupation but concluded that, given the ample evidence of his lack of progress, the decision to terminate the grievor's MLab OJTP was appropriate and reasonable.

The Committee recommended that redress not be granted.

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