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Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-01-28

The grievor accepted a selection offer to be part of the Commissioning from the Ranks Plan, which resulted in him being commissioned from Warrant Officer to the rank of Lieutenant (Lt). In 2018, the grievor's Chain of Command recommended an accelerated promotion to Captain (Capt) after one year as a commissioned officer. The Director of Military Careers (D Mil C) denied the accelerated promotion, noting that the grievor had not completed the required minimum of two Canadian Armed Forces Junior Officer Development (CAFJOD) courses. D Mil C also noted that accelerated promotions, more than 12 months ahead of a member's Enter Promotion Zone, were not generally approved. The grievor considered this an incorrect application of career policy, arguing that the internal policy used by D Mil C was not in effect at the time of the decision.

The Initial Authority (IA) determined that the intended effect of Canadian Forces Administrative Order 11-6 is to accelerate promote a Lt who has at least two years of experience as a commissioned officer. The IA notes that although the policy requiring completion of two CAFJOD courses has not been widely published, it is an internal guidance criterion that cannot be waived.

According to the Committee, there were inconsistencies in the various promotion policies, including accelerated promotions. The Committee found that the D Mil C has the authority to set criteria for accelerated promotion. Established in 2010, the D Mil C internal guidance sought to ensure that, regardless of the commissioning plan, officers at the rank of Lt must have at least two years as a commissioned officer before being promoted to Capt. Similarly, internal D Mil C guidance in 2016 set the two CAFJOD criteria. The Committee also found that the D Mil C’s guidance had been fairly and consistently applied. However, the Committee noted the lack of transparency of accelerated promotion guidance and noted that recent guidance had been posted to the Chief of Military Personnel intranet website. The Committee recommended that the Final Authority (FA) not afford the grievor redress.

FA Decision Summary

The FA, the Director Canadian Forces Grievance Authority, agreed with the Committee's recommendation that the grievor not be afforded redress. The FA agreed with the Committee's findings that establishing criteria for accelerated promotions beyond those in the Canadian Forces Administrative Orders was within the approval authority's discretion and that the criteria that had been established was fair and logical, including the two year time in rank requirement for members commissioned under Commissioning from the Ranks Plan. 

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