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Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-03-12

The grievor alleged that officials intentionally failed him on his three performance objective assessments for the Basic Military Officer Qualification - Army (BMOQ-A). He also alleged that he was denied access to his course file and the evaluations. The grievor requested that he receive the completion credit for the BMOQ-A course and the subsequent promotion. 

The G1 5 Canadian Division Headquarters, as the Initial Authority, was unable to determine the grievance within the prescribed timeframe. 

The Committee found that the three evaluations of the grievor's attempts at the performance objectives were reasonable and reliable. The Committee also found that the decision to cease training the grievor was reasonable and in accordance with the BMOQ-A Qualification Standard and Training Plan. The Committee also found that credit for the BMOQ-A course would not have qualified the grievor for a promotion. 

In the Committee’s view, it was contrary to Defence Administrative Order Directive (DAOD) 1002-1, Privacy Act Requests and Correction of Personal Information, to require the grievor to make a formal access to information and privacy request for his course file. The Committee indicated that the Final Authority might wish to remind staff of their obligations under DAOD 1002-1 with regard to informal access requests. 

The Committee recommended that the Final Authority not afford the grievor redress.   

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