# 2020-082 Careers, Reserve Force, Specialist pay

Reserve Force (Res F), Specialist pay

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-07-29

The grievor, a Military Police (MP) officer, transferred from the Regular Force to the Reserve Force, in the MP (Militia) occupational sub-category. This sub-category was not added to those eligible for specialist pay. The grievor challenged the denial of specialist pay while serving on Class “A” and “B” reserve service, noting that he received specialist pay during a period of Class “C” service on deployment.

The Committee found that Compensation and Benefits Instructions 204.30(3.1) required that, in addition to having the required personal qualifications, the grievor had to belong to an enumerated occupational sub-category eligible to receive specialist pay. Since the grievor did not meet that requirement, the Committee concluded that he was not eligible for specialist pay. The Committee also noted that the grievor was not eligible for specialist pay during a “C” period, as his sub-category was not one that was eligible for specialist pay. The Committee recommended that no redress be granted. 

FA decision summary  

The Director of the Canadian Forces Grievance Authority, acting as Final Authority, agreed with the Committee's findings and its recommendation not to grant redress. 

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