# 2020-202 Pay and Benefits, Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction

Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction (CFTDTI)

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-07-06

The grievor indicated that errors had been made in the distance calculations used for the repayment of his mileage to get to medical appointments.

The Initial Authority (IA) determined that the grievor had been treated in accordance with applicable provisions, including the Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction (CFTDTI) and a regional directive used to calculate reimbursable travel. Nonetheless, the IA asked that the grievor's claims be revised to adjust some distances. 

Following a review of applicable policies, the Committee determined that the CFTDTI applies when members of the Canadian Armed Forces are on temporary duty within the place of duty. The Committee further noted that travel for health reasons is a situation during which a member is deemed to be on duty. In the grievor's case, since he was going to medical appointments within his place of duty, this corresponded to temporary duty and the CFTDTI applied. The Committee noted that the mileage had been correctly calculated, except for one distance.

The Committee recommended that the Final Authority (FA) not grant the requested redress and that the distance travelled to get to one of the appointments be adjusted.

FA decision summary

The Director of the Canadian Forces Grievance Authority, the FA, is in agreement with the Committee's recommendation to partially grant the grievance. The FA found that the reimbursement amount for mileage could not be calculated based on the actual distance travelled. Nonetheless, the Director ordered the recalculation of certain distances that were inaccurate. The FA also refused the grievor's request for interest payments, explaining that there was no legislative or regulatory power to authorize interest payments on amounts owed to the Crown. 

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