# 2021-070 Pay and Benefits, Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program, Relocation Benefits, Transportation Expenses

Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CFIRP), Relocation Benefits, Transportation Expenses

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-05-21

The grievor argued that the expenses he incurred to tow his tiny house on wheels (THOW) upon posting should be reimbursed under the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Policy (CFIRP) Directive, effective 19 April 2018. The grievor argued that the THOW was not a mobile home and transporting it was closest to the cost of transporting a recreational vehicle under article 9.3.04 of the CFIRP Directive. As redress, the grievor requested that the towing expenses be reimbursed and that the authority in article 2.1.01 of the CFIRP Directive be applied to his circumstances. 

The Initial Authority (IA) recognized there was a shortfall in the CFIRP Directive regarding tiny homes and that the ministerial authority could not be applied. The IA denied redress. 

The Committee found that the expenses incurred by the grievor to relocate his THOW could not be reimbursed under article 9.3.04 of the CFIRP Directive. The Committee also found that there was no allowance provided for in the CFIRP Directive that would provide reimbursement for the shipment of the grievor's THOW

In addition, the Committee found that the IA could and should have submitted a request to the Treasury Board (TB) for special consideration of the grievor's circumstances under article 2.1.01 of the CFIRP Directive. This constituted an omission in the administration of the affairs of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Committee recommended that the Final Authority afford the grievor redress by directing that a submission be made to the TB under article 2.1.01 of the CFIRP Directive for consideration of the reimbursement of shipping costs for the grievor's THOW that were a direct result of his  relocation.

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