# 2021-266 Pay and benefits, Additional car rental costs

Additional car rental costs

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-12-21

The grievor rented a vehicle for his house hunting trip. His subsequent claim was capped at the daily rate set out in the Accommodations and Car Rental Directory (ACRD), leaving approximately $2,800 unreimbursed. The grievor argued that prior to booking the rental vehicle, he had confirmed with a Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) representative that the quote he received would be reimbursed as long as a receipt was provided.

The Initial Authority, the Director General Compensation and Benefits, rejected the grievance because it was filed outside the prescribed time limit. The Acting Director Compensation and Benefits Administration (A/DCBA) denied the grievor's request for a decision regarding reimbursement of additional rental vehicle expenses. The A/DCBA found that Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program Directive, article 2.7.01, provides that reimbursement for service shall not exceed pre-negotiated rates. The A/DCBA also noted that the grievor rented a pick-up truck when he was entitled to rent a min-van. 

The Committee first found that the type of vehicle was inconsequential to the grievance. The grievor's original booking request was for a minivan and the rental vehicle agency provided the higher cost pick-up truck at the same rate quoted for a minivan. The Committee noted that the ACRD provides car rental services to Government of Canada employees at guaranteed rates and that the rate secured by the grievor at booking was significantly higher than the ACRD rate. The Committee found that the grievor should not have been expected to know about the applicability of the ACRD and that the BGRS representative gave the grievor false assurance that his vehicle rental claim would be reimbursed, no matter the cost. The Committee recommended that the Canadian Armed Forces intervene to resolve the overcharge by the rental car agency on behalf of the grievor, in accordance with the standing offer. Alternatively, the Committee recommended that the grievor's case be forwarded to the Director of Claims and Civil Litigation. 

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