De-linking Rations and Quarters


De-linking Rations and Quarters

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The grievor submitted a request to de-link rations and quarters (R&Q) which was denied on the basis that he did not have access to a “full kitchen facilities” since there was no traditional stove in the barracks kitchenette area.  The grievor explained that he had access to all the necessary countertop appliances to replace a traditional stove.   The evidence on file suggested that all requests for de-linking from Canadian Forces members were being denied on the basis that cooking in the barracks could lead to safety, hygiene and health concerns.

Canadian Forces Administrative Order 36-14 – Entitlement to Meals and Public Rations – paragraph 5 and CANAIRGEN 012/09 – Linking of Rations and Quarters - provide the possibility for members to de-link R&Q.  However, those policies do not provide any criteria on which to base de-linking requests.  As indicated above, de-linking requests have been denied on the basis of safety, hygiene and health reasons.  Although these represent valid concerns, the evidence on file and the arguments presented did not justify a policy under which all requests to de-link R&Q are being systematically denied.


The Board recommended that the Chief of the Defence Staff order a review of the de-linking policy to clarify the intent of the policy; keeping in mind that it may be possible to achieve the same purpose without imposing the linking of R&Q.  If it is determined that linking of R&Q must continue to be imposed, the policy review should include the issuance of guiding principles and a clear indication of the circumstances under which a request for de-linking would be approved to foster consistency in the decisions taken.

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