Defence Public Affairs Learning Centre’s (DPALC) Progress Review Board (PRB) Process


Defence Public Affairs Learning Centre’s (DPALC) Progress Review Board (PRB) Process

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In a grievance where the outcome of a the DPALC’s Progress Review Board (PRB) was being challenged, the Committee requested the complete PRB records in order to proceed to a detailed analysis of the grievor’s file. The Chief Standards Officer of the DPALC confirmed to the Committee that in the conduct of their PRBs only the PRB record sheet was maintained and no other records were created. 

The Committee noted that the DPALC’s practice made it difficult for anyone to verify whether the administrative process was conducted in accordance with procedural requirements and whether the recommendations and subsequent decision were substantively sound. The Committee found it particularly important that the situation be rectified given the role of the DPALC as a training establishment and the right for CAF members to grieve decisions made regarding their training. The absence of any record to review makes it more challenging to understand the considerations on which the Head of the DPALC based the PRB decision. 

Furthermore, the Committee noted that the DPALC’s practice is divergent from similar processes, such as the process for administrative reviews as established in the Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 5019-2 – Administrative Review, or the review processes followed in other occupations. The Committee opined that the DPALC’s PRB process should be reviewed and aligned with what is already established in existing policies.


The Committee recommend that the Head of the DPALC be directed to implement a PRB mechanism similar to what is used in other administrative processes in the CAF, and in particular, in schools and training establishments, using DAOD 5019-2 Administrative Review as a guide.

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