Delimitations of post living differential regions


Delimitations of post living differential regions

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Geographical areas are used in applying the Post LIving Differential (PLD) without taking account of the economic factors underpinning the concept of the post-living differential. The distinction between a geographical area and a Post Living Differential Area (PLDA) thus seems to be a major cause of confusion. While the geographical areas remain the same so long as the competent authority does not change the configuration, the PLDAs work differently and can be modified based on the cost of living. This confusion still persists and can lead to even greater frustration and unfair treatment in situations where a PLDA can consist of a single municipality. In this specific case, for example, communities or neighbouring towns in which Canadian Forces (CF) members may have established their principal residence fall within the PLDA of Montreal South Shore, while the cost of living at these locations is not necessarily higher than that of St-Hyacinthe.


Accordingly, the Board recommended that the PLDAs be delimited by boundaries, exactly the same as geographical boundaries, and not have recourse to municipalities, while taking into account the cost of living of these areas.

Final Authority Decision

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) agrees with the Board's systemic recommendation that the PLDAs be delimited by boundaries and not by reference to municipalities, taking into account the method of calculation adopted by Treasury Board (TB).  As a result, the CDS has ordered DGCB and 5 ASG to harmonize their respective directives in order to simplify the situation that currently prevails.  They are to inform DGCFGA in writing once the appropriate actions have been taken.

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