Entitlement to Posting Allowance - Update to 2011-052


Entitlement to Posting Allowance - Update to 2011-052

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Paragraph 208.849 (3)(f) of the Compensation and Benefits Instruction (CBI) and article 3.4.03 of the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP) provide that Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are not entitled to receive a posting allowance when posted to their first place of duty after re-enrolment in or transfer to the Regular Force. 


The Committee found that the exclusion of re-enrollees from entitlement to the posting allowance is not equitable.  In two similar cases (files no. 2011-052 and 2010-074), the Committee recommended that the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) direct a review of the policies governing the posting allowance.   The CDS agreed and directed that the Director General Compensation and Benefits (DGCB) review the policy.  The DGCB provided the Committee with an update on the policy review indicating that the CF IRP, which authorizes relocation benefits, was currently being re-written and that changes would be effective once published.   However, it could not be determined from the DGCB response whether this specific issue was addressed.


The Committee recommended that the CDS direct DGCB to specifically request that Treasury Board remove the exclusion for payment of a PA to re-enrollees and transferees. 

Final Authority Decision

The CDS agreed with the Committee that since direction was given in 2011 in previous grievance files, CBI 208.849 has been revised three times (1 January 2012, 1 September 2012, and 1 February 2013), without including an amendment to the former policy in that regard. Therefore, the CDS again directed DGCB to engage TB as soon as possible to amend the CBI.

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