Leave Travel Assistance (LTA) – Indirect Travel


Leave Travel Assistance (LTA) – Indirect Travel

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The Committee found that CBI 209.50 lacked clarity in regard to entitlement to LTA in cases where a member did not travel/return directly to/from their next-of-kin (NOK).  There was also evidence that several other members had been negatively affected by this lack of clarity.


The Committee recommended a revision of CBI 209.50 to clarify the eligibility and intent provisions of the LTA.

The Committee further recommended that article 209.50 be amended to provide that when a member is unable to provide the actual cost for direct return travel to their NOK, the cost be determined by using the most direct kilometric route from the member’s place of duty to the principal residence of the NOK, or from the place of duty to the other member’s place of duty in the case of service couples. 

Final Authority Decision

The FA agreed with the Committee's systemic recommendation that the language of 209.50 be clarified and encouraged CMP to consider it in his current review of the LTA policy and upcoming negotiation with TB.

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