Operational Status of Sea Training Units


Operational Status of Sea Training Units

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This was the second case reviewed by the Board where a reservist serving at a Sea Training Unit (STU) agreed to serve on Cl B svc but was authorized Cl C svc whenever he was deployed at sea. In the previous case, the Board found that the Canadian Forces' practice of alternating (sometimes daily) a member's service from Cl B to Cl C was not contemplated by the applicable regulations. The Board found that a reservist's period of full-time service should normally be either Cl B or Cl C – but not both. The Board also questioned how administratively possible and affordable it is to change from one class of service to another on a day-to-day basis.

The Board found that STUs were operational units and their mandate and positions fell under "routine naval operations" as per the Chief of the Defence Staff's directive approving Cl C operations. Accordingly, in the other case, the Board found that the member's period of service with the unit should have been designated Cl C svc.


The Board reiterated its previous recommendation that a review of similar positions in STUs be ordered to determine whether other members would be entitled to Cl C svc for the duration of their employment with the STU.

Final Authority Decision

The CDS did not address, nor mention, the Board's recommendation.

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