Review of administrative mechanisms and procedures of Joint Task Force II


Review of administrative mechanisms and procedures of Joint Task Force II

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According to the Board’s observations, this is the second case originating from Joint Task Force II (JTF 2) involving a member who has been unconditionally returned home from JTF2 without regard for the principles of procedural fairness and without respect for the internal review process established and prescribed by the unit, a process similar to those used by other Canadian Forces (CF).  It is apparent from this case that, within this unit, the right of members to a fair, equitable and transparent process seems to be poorly understood by the leadership.


According to the Board, it would therefore be appropriate for the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) to order an internal audit into administrative mechanisms and procedures within JTF 2 so as to ensure that these are consistent with the expectations and obligations of other CF units.  The Board also recommended that the CDS remind the authorities administering these mechanisms and procedures of the need to comply with them.

Final Authority Decision

The CDS concurred with the Board’s systemic recommendation to review Joint Task Force II administrative mechanisms and procedures, particularly as regards the absence of handwritten notes and minutes from the review board. The CDS therefore asked the Comd CANSOFCOM to ensure that these administrative mechanisms and procedures reflect CF expectations and obligations with respect to procedural fairness and transparency.

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