Right to Grieve - Supplementary Reserve (Supp Res)


Right to Grieve - Supplementary Reserve (Supp Res)

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The Committee noted that the Canadian Forces Grievance Manual, issued in 2000, made it really clear in Chapter 2, paragraph 1, that members of the Supplementary Reserve (Supp Res) have a right to grieve.

This manual has been however superseded by Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 2017-0 and 2017-1, neither of which explicitly addresses the entitlement of a member of the Supp Res to grieve. The DAOD 2017-0 policy statement reads:

The DND and the CF are committed to ensuring that every CF member who has been aggrieved:
•    has the opportunity to exercise their right to submit a grievance; …

The Committee noted that since the majority of Supp Res members have limited involvement with the Canadian Armed Forces, they are likely unaware of their entitlement to submit grievances. The Committee found that the right of Supp Res members to submit a grievance should be clearly stated in within the new DAODs.


The Committee Recommended that DAODs 2017-0 and 2017-1 be amended/updated to reflect that members of the Supp Res are entitled to submit grievances pursuant to subsection 29(1) of the NDA.

Final Authority Decision

The FA did not address the Committee's systemic recommendation.

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