Transitional post living differential allowances –Unit (ASU) London


Transitional post living differential allowances –Unit (ASU) London

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Through the submission of this grievance, it came to the attention of the Committee that 110 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members in the Windsor/London area were mistakenly authorized transitional post living differential allowances by the Area Support Unit (ASU) London.  The Commanding Officer (CO) advised the affected members, by e-mail dated 13 August 2012, that they had received benefits to which they were not entitled and which would be recovered.  The question to be addressed was whether the recovery of these overpayments was justified in the circumstances.


The Committee is of the opinion that there must be accountability and responsibility on the part of the CAF when these types of errors occur.  There must be a balance between the expectation that members be aware of the conditions governing their pay and benefits and the members' entitlement to rely on the advice and approval provided by subject matter experts charged with such administration.


The Committee recommended that the Chief of the Defence staff direct the appropriate authorities to prepare a Treasury Board submission recommending remission of the debts owed by all CAF personnel affected by the recovery direction issued on 13 August 2012 by the CO ASU London.

Final Authority Decision

The CDS did not agree with the Committee's recommendation. The CDS added that departmental staff continues to address the outstanding TPLD issues with Treasury Board staff.

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