Foreign Service Premium Calculation


Foreign Service Premium (FSP) Calculation

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The Committee noted that in seeking to implement the 23 July 2010 Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) direction on FSP benefit re-calculation, a 26 September 2013 Director Military Pay and Accounts Processing message incorrectly indicated that only Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members posted outside Canada and subsequently attach-posted to a CDS-designated operation would be affected by the CDS directed FSP benefit re-calculation. 

Given the Committee’s finding that CAF members who were attach posted to a CDS-designated operation were not the only ones subjected to the 2005 Director Compensation and Benefits Administration (DCBA) directed FSP calculation error, the Committee observed that the 2010 CDS decision regarding FSP benefit re-calculation was not fully and properly implemented.


The Committee recommended that the files of those CAF members who had their FSP incorrectly administered in accordance with the 2005 DCBA memorandum and who have not had their FSP calculation corrected, including those who were denied a re-calculation of their FSP strictly because they were not attach posted to a CDS designated operation, be reviewed and re-calculated in accordance with the applicable Compensation and Benefits Instructions 10.14.02(14) and the CDS direction of 23 July 2010.

Final Authority decision

There is no Final Authority decision on this systemic recommendation as the grievor withdrew the grievance.

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