Harmonization of Career and Compensation Policies


Harmonization of Career and Compensation Policies

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Significant differences exist among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) career and compensation policies in the definitions of compulsory and voluntary occupational transfers (COT and VOT), and these differences cause confusion for CAF members. For example, an officer who is transferred to another occupation because he/she is unable to meet the standard in their current occupation would be considered a COT for administrative purposes, in accordance with Canadian Forces Administrative Order (CFAO) 11-12. However, in accordance with Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) 204.03, that same officer would be considered a VOT, for pay purposes. CAF members who are COT get pay protection while VOT members do not. Given that the type of occupational transfer directly impacts a military member’s future compensation, the way occupational transfers are defined within the CAF should be harmonized.


The Committee recommended that the definition of COT and VOT be harmonized throughout the regulations and orders. While not exhaustive, the Committee recommended that the harmonization include the relevant provisions in CFAO 11-12, CBI 204.03 and the Military Administrative Law Manual [Chapter 17, Section 1].

Final Authority decision

The Final Authority did not agree with the systemic recommendation.

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