Canada Invests in the First Nations Major Projects Coalition to Advance Indigenous Participation in Natural Resource Projects  

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July 7, 2022                              Ottawa, Ontario                         Natural Resources Canada

Partnering with Indigenous Peoples, communities and businesses is critical to building inclusive, sustainable and resilient natural resource sectors in Canada.

Today, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, announced at the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference $13.5 million in funding for the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) as part of the  Indigenous Natural Resource Partnerships (INRP) program.

This funding is part of the Budget 2022 commitment of $100 million over five years, starting in 2022–23, to expand the Indigenous Partnership Office (IPO) and the INRP to all regions in Canada.

It will provide opportunities for Indigenous communities across all regions in Canada to benefit from all types of natural resource projects, including critical minerals, and will contribute to advancing Canada’s net-zero by 2050 targets.

This funding will also support the FNMPC to empower member First Nations with the tools, capacity and advice to make informed business decisions concerning natural resource and infrastructure projects proposed in their territories. 

Further, the funding will support the implementation of FNMPC’s five-year strategic plan, which aims to increase Indigenous participation in the natural resource economy and increase awareness of the benefits of incorporating First Nations knowledge and environmental stewardship priorities in major projects.

FNMPC’s plan aims to increase Indigenous opportunities and participation in the natural resource sectors and enhance business relationships between Indigenous communities, governments and industry.

Renewal and expansion of the IPO and the INRP program directly responds to feedback from Indigenous partners. This funding will support Indigenous communities and businesses in achieving their economic objectives in the natural resource sectors and facilitate the development of  resilient, sustainable and inclusive natural resource sectors by advancing meaningful partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and promoting Indigenous leadership in the net-zero transition.

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Back row, left to right: Angie Bruce (Assistant Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada); Angel Ransom (Senior Vice President, Environmental Services, FNMPC); Niilo Edwards (CEO, FNMPC); Barry Vickers (Senior Vice President, Project Development, FNMPC); Mary McKay (Director General, Natural Resources Canada); John Hannaford (Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada) Front row, left to right: Chief Corrina Leween (Vice Chair, FNMPC); The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson (Minister of Natural Resources); Chief Sharleen Gale (Chair, FNMPC); Chief Jacqueline French (Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, FNMPC); Simo'git Tsa Bux, Member of the Board of Directors, FNMPC); JP Gladu (Special Advisor, FNMPC)


“It is critically important that, moving forward, major natural resource projects engage and involve Indigenous peoples in meaningful ways. First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities have been stewards of this land for generations. Ensuring Indigenous engagement and participation in resource projects going forward is a priority for this federal government — and it is critically important to economic reconciliation. This announcement is another step forward in ensuring that Indigenous communities will have the tools and capacity to engage and to benefit in meaningful, long term ways.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson

Minister of Natural Resources

“This long-term investment by Natural Resources Canada in our services will ensure that our national First Nations membership will continue to have access to the business capacity supports, free of charge, that are  required to make informed business decisions about their participation in major projects. This investment also comes at a time when our members are advancing their participation in projects that will contribute to the energy transition, including critical minerals and electrification, furthering our vision of First Nations playing a lead role in the co-development and ownership of major natural resource and infrastructure projects going forward.” 

Chief Sharleen Gale

Chair of the Board of Directors, First Nations Major Projects Coalition

Quick facts

  • Through a renewed and expanded IPO and INRP program, Natural Resources Canada will support the development of  resilient, sustainable and inclusive natural resource sectors by advancing meaningful partnerships with Indigenous Peoples, mitigating barriers to Indigenous inclusion and equity ownership in resource development, and accelerating the net-zero transition.

    • The INRP supports projects that enhance the capacity of Indigenous communities to capitalize on business opportunities, facilitate access for Indigenous communities and organizations to resources, and support community and regional engagement related to natural resource projects.

    • The FNMPC is a national collective of more than 85 First Nations that fosters the development of tools, capacity and direct project support to inform business decisions on participation in major project development. 

    • The FNMPC has a project portfolio exceeding a combined total cost of over $17 billion, with the key area of focus on supporting Indigenous ownership opportunities for major clean energy, natural resource and infrastructure projects.

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