New Federal Call for Proposals for National Energy Systems Modelling

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December 11, 2023                Ottawa, Ontario        Natural Resources Canada

As Canada advances to a sustainable and prosperous net-zero future by 2050, the federal government is investing in tools for science-based decision making. While navigating a rapidly evolving energy landscape, modelling existing and emerging energy technologies will help to manage uncertainty by mapping out and optimizing the potential pathways to achieve net zero. Energy systems modelling is a valuable tool to inform and guide the development of national strategies to reduce emissions and fight climate change by analyzing the most cost-effective ways to achieve net zero.

Today, the Government of Canada launched a call for proposals for national energy systems modelling projects. This call will provide support for energy modellers as they address these challenges and develop new insights on energy technologies and systems that can help Canada reach net zero.

Funding will be provided to a variety of modelling projects, including:

·       Model Development: to address limitations of existing models to reflect the impact of technological innovation.  

·       Dataset Development: to enhance the use of existing models. 

·       Model Runs: to apply existing modelling tools to answer new questions.

The call for proposals will remain open to applicants until January 26, 2024.

In addition to today’s launch, MP Andy Filmore attended the Energy Modelling Hub’s Annual Forum where he announced, on behalf of the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, a federal investment of $250,000 in the Transition Accelerator to support energy modelling studies in the electricity sector. Federal funding is enabling analysis that will help the electricity sector identify common themes, opportunities and challenges across modelling studies. Further, this work will help leverage modelling outputs inform real-world results.

Today’s announcement is another step the government is taking to fight climate change. Canada will continue to invest in the most innovative projects and technologies that support a strong and prosperous economy as we advance toward net zero by 2050.


“The Government of Canada is investing to support industries, communities, and workers in building a sustainable and prosperous future. Modelling the energy future of Canadian industries will help to further drive innovation and investment in Canada’s growing clean economy for years to come.”


The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson
Minister of Energy and Natural Resources 

“Good data drives good decisions. I was pleased to meet with leading experts in the energy modelling space, and to share exciting news that will support the sustainable, reliable, and affordable future of Canadian energy.”

Andy Fillmore

Member of Parliament for Halifax

Quick facts

  • Funded through Canada’s Energy Innovation Program, this call will fund projects that quantitatively model the role of innovative technologies in achieving emissions reductions in the energy sector and their role within a net-zero emissions economy. This call will significantly expand the evidence base for net-zero pathways in Canada and will allow Canada to face the future with greater confidence. Additional details on eligibility are available in the Modelling call guidelines

  • The accelerating pace of technological change means there are more solutions than ever to tackle climate change. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that over one-third of cumulative emissions reductions by 2050 will come from technologies that are not commercially available today. The growing portfolio of solutions means there are an increasing number of technologies to include in energy models.

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