Our Navy Today - Volume 6 Issue 5

Volume 6 | Issue 5

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The Royal Canadian Navy sends wishes for safety and security to our members impacted by the wildfires in Halifax. All of our military families that need support are invited to call the Military Family Resource Centre line 24/7 at 902-427-7788.

Canadian Forces Base Halifax continues to provide firefighting support to the Halifax Regional Municipality. The CAF is preparing to provide firefighting support over the coming days in response to the province’s request for assistance. 

Operations update

HMCS Montréal and MV Asterix support Op Savanne enroute to Op Projection


A sailor aboard HMCS Montréal observes Motor Vessel Asterix from the port boat deck as the two ships conduct a Personnel Awaiting Transfer during Op Savanne on May 3.

His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montréal and Motor Vessel Asterix contributed to Operation Savanne enroute to the Indo-Pacific to participate in Op Projection.

The ships operated off the coast of Sudan for several days, with Asterix performing several Replenishments at Sea for our partners and allies in support of evacuation efforts.

Once Savanne concluded on May 5 the ships returned to their previously scheduled program on Op Projection Indo-Pacific.

HMCS Fredericton trains with NATO partners in the Mediterranean region


An Italian Navy helicopter lands on the flight deck of HMCS Fredericton during Exercise Mare Aperto 23-1.

HMCS Fredericton participated in the Italian Navy led Exercise Mare Aperto 23-1 located between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. Forty-one naval units, aircraft and helicopters from 12 NATO allies and 11 partner nations took part in the manoeuvres.

Fredericton participated in several complex scenarios, including anti-submarine warfare, countering conventional and asymmetric threats, as well as combating and preventing illicit trade.

Top stories

HMCS Edmonton contributes to narcotics seizure


A sailor from His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Edmonton and two U.S. Coast Guard LEDET members investigate suspected dumped contraband while HMCS Edmonton searches the perimeter.

HMCS Edmonton noticed a vessel moving fast.

“The vessel was going incredibly quickly,” said Lieutenant Commander (LCdr) Tyler Smith, Commanding Officer of Edmonton. “They had a lot of powerful engines on board, and they were maneuvering erratically, and dangerously.”

The successful interception of the vessel resulted in the capture and seizure of 755 kilograms of cocaine. The estimated street value of the drugs is $49.5 million CAD.

Unique details of the new HMCS Ottawa morale patch revealed


The latest morale patch for HMCS Ottawa.

Sailor 1st Class (S1) Luke Wieler, the illustrator, explains the design is intentionally full of history and unique details.

S1 Wieler worked with S1 David Eaglestick, an artist, to create the badge using Formline art, a traditional art form used by West Coast Nations, ranging from California to Alaska.

Indigenous veteran honoured to serve Canada in both Second World War and Korean War 


CPO1 George Edward “Ted” Jamieson

“He thought it was an honour to serve his country,” said Ruby Jamieson of her husband, George Edward “Ted” Jamieson, a sailor and distinguished naval veteran of both the Second World War and the Korean War.

Sailors shape future CSC Command Information Centre


RCN sailors from across the country execute warfare scenarios, observed by industry and USN partners in the future CSC CIC.

The RCN is adopting the United States Navy’s Command Information Centre (CIC) concept to replace the currently used Operations Room to better integrate the activities and personnel who will operate in the future Canadian Surface Combatants’ CIC.

Sailors participated in interviews, design, and warfare scenarios to advance the design and equip the future fleet with an innovative and advanced combat system.

“We have a tremendous amount of capability we need to locate in one room which we designed, re-designed and stress tested with real world scenarios and have now locked in,” said LCdr Dave Canning, Deputy Project Director.


MyRCN App launches

The RCN has officially launched its new mobile facing application (app) MyRCN to improve sailors’ connectedness and reduce the challenges of life at sea.

MyRCN provides Regular and Reserve Force sailors and other Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members access to tools such as leave requests, Fleet Schedules, and Availability Reports.

The app is available for download through both the iOS and Android app stores.

RCN Arctic & Northern Strategic Framework

We have released our Arctic & Northern Strategic Framework. Developed by Directorate of Naval Strategy, it connects higher-level Government of Canada, Department of National Defence and CAF level guidance to the work already ongoing in the region.

Navy Bike Ride returns in-person this June

The Navy Bike Ride is back in-person! Ride dates begin this weekend so make sure you sign up and enjoy the ride!

In-person events:

June 17: Ottawa, ON

RCN Mentorship Program: The Sub-Lieutenant’s Journey – Navigating the RCN in 2023

Sailors – Regular and Reserve Force – at all ranks and civilian employees at all levels are invited.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 21
  • Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m. EST
  • Location: Microsoft Teams

For more information, visit the Mentorship Program’s intranet page.

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