Maritime Forces Atlantic is a key contributor to marine security through its strategic location in Halifax, astride the major trading routes to and from Europe, the United States, South America, and all points of the globe for that matter.

In its simplest form, the navy on the Atlantic Coast is comprised of the Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters; the Canadian Forces Base Halifax, including the Canadian Forces Station St. John’s; the Canadian Fleet Atlantic; and, the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott.

Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters

Located within Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard Halifax is the hub of all Maritime Forces Atlantic output. The Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters is the control centre from which the Commander and his support staff evaluate and execute daily undertakings, while providing direction to subordinate units.

Canadian Forces Base Halifax

Canadian Forces Base Halifax has come a long way since the founding of the Naval Yard in 1759 and continues to provide outstanding support to the Fleet and the Department of National Defence team.

Canadian Forces Base Halifax provides materiel, administrative, logistical and operational support to Joint Task Force Atlantic, Maritime Forces Atlantic and lodger units. The Base Commander’s team is made up of military and civilian members headed by five Branch Heads. Under the supervision of the Chief of Staff, and reporting to the Base Commander, the Branch Heads provide construction engineering, logistics (including transportation and electro-mechanical engineering), administration, safety and environmental management and base operations (including Military Police and security).

Canadian Forces Base Halifax is the largest military base in Canada, serving a workforce of approximately 7,500 military and 2,300 civilian members, and aims to be the most progressive and modern Defence Team in the country, essential to operational success and integral to the community.

Canadian Fleet Atlantic

In today’s ever-changing and complex environment, the Canadian Fleet Atlantic is responsible for generating naval forces to respond to Canada’s needs domestically and abroad, oftentimes at a moment’s notice. Tasks include deep sea operations, coastal operations, humanitarian aid and non-combatant evacuation operations.

Furthermore, the Canadian Fleet Atlantic sustains and champions coastal, diving and submarine forces wherever they are required to go – whether it is the far North or the waters of the Caribbean Basin, the Arabian Sea, and beyond.

In order to meet ongoing mission demands, the Canadian Fleet Atlantic maintains a force generation that cultivates all aspects of manpower, equipment, training and sustainability.

Operationally focused and fully mobile, the Canadian Fleet Atlantic staff can direct task forces both from ashore and while at sea on board a Royal Canadian Navy vessel, if required. When necessary, elements of the staff are capable of mobilizing around the world in support of operations. When serving in the Fleet, Canadian sailors spend on average 200 days a year at sea.

The Canadian Fleet Atlantic consists mainly of the following units:

Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott

Located within Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard Halifax, the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott is the largest military industrial complex in Canada.

The team is comprised of combined military and civilian personnel who support the Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic by providing effective and efficient engineering and maintenance services toward the 15 vessels that form the Canadian Atlantic Fleet.

Responsibilities include providing reliable and solid engineering and maintenance direction, consultation and technical risk management to help ensure that Maritime Forces Atlantic can generate, employ, and maintain an effective fleet.

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