Naval Experience Program

The Naval Experience Program (NEP) will provide you with enough exposure to life in the Royal Canadian Navy to decide if it is right for you.

Following an eight-week basic military training and four-week naval training, you will join the Navy fleet on either the East or West coast. Over the course of several months, you will learn the ropes of being a sailor by shadowing a variety of jobs and gaining exposure to a number of skills. The program culminates with a going to sea portion, so you can get a sense of the adventure found in a naval career. 


One year


  • Halifax, Nova Scotia; or
  • Esquimalt, British Columbia

Pay, compensation and benefits

When participating in the Naval Experience Program, you will receive the same pay, compensation and benefits entitled to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Program status

Continuous intake

What you will experience

Over the course of a year, participants will get training and be exposed to life as a member of the Royal Canadian Navy. As a participant, you will be introduced to military life by completing the Basic Military Qualification Course, and then learn the skills required to work as a sailor during the Naval Environmental Training Program on either coast. After completing these courses, you will have the ability to complete common tasks on a ship such as seamanship and damage control and will shadow different jobs at sea and ashore. You will have the opportunity to experience:

  • The camaraderie to be found in the Navy
  • A variety of naval jobs
  • Life at sea aboard a Royal Canadian Navy Ship
  • Different shore-based units and the work they do

If this is not the right fit for you, an option to release from the Canadian Armed Forces before the end of the contract will be available.

Upon Completion

Once participants complete the program, they will be offered a selection of trades and may continue to serve with the Royal Canadian Navy. All training completed during the program will be credited for further service.

How to Apply

Successful applications must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Be at least 17 years old*;
  • Have completed Grade 10** or 24 credits of Québec Secondaire IV;
  • Meet the Canadian Armed Forces common enrollment medical standard.

To apply to the NEP, you must fill out the application online. When filling out the “Program Choices” field, choose “NEP”.

*Applicants under the age of 18 must obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate.

**If you’re in Grade 10, you can send us a letter from your high school outlining the courses you’re taking and your potential to complete them successfully. Make sure to send your proof of completion as early as possible.

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