Government of Canada investment aims to boost economic growth, enhance skills development and create good jobs in the Northwest Territories


The Government of Canada is stepping up to help businesses in the Northwest Territories, while creating and maintaining jobs, enhancing Northern and Indigenous business development and maximizing opportunities throughout the region.

Michael McLeod, Member of Parliament for Northwest Territories, announced an investment of over $1.3 million to support Indigenous employment, capacity building, infrastructure development and entrepreneurship in NWT.

NWT initiatives supported by CanNor

Makerspace Yellowknife Organizational Establishment: $731,727
CanNor is investing $731,727 towards a three-year project with a further investment this year of $154,900 from the Government of the Northwest Territories and $304,000 from Makerspace Yellowknife. The funding will assist with the renovation of a commercial space into a collaborative space, which will support skills development, job creation, and innovative new businesses in Yellowknife. The Makerspace will also provide access to industrial equipment and a tool lending library. This project is expected to create 2 full-time jobs. It will help build local capacity in the manufacturing sector and teach manufacturing-related skills, and provide support to new small businesses while enhancing the knowledge economy through increased support for technology adaptation and skills development.

Beaver Enterprises Limited Partnership Acquisition of Capital Equipment: $175,000
CanNor is investing $175,000 in this one-year project with a further investment of $190,000 from Canadian Equipment Finance and $135,000 from Beaver Enterprises Limited Partnership (BELP), the economic development arm of the Acho Dene Koe First Nation. The total cost of the project is $500,000. The funding will assist with the purchase of a grader used for construction and maintenance projects. Support for the purchase of heavy machinery will help Beaver Enterprises meet their contractual obligations and enhance their ability to service the construction industry, as well as expand economic opportunities to create employment and training for Indigenous peoples in the region. This project will allow BELP to increase its capacity to participate in other strategic initiatives that maintain and expand economic opportunities to create employment and training for Indigenous peoples. This project is expected to result in 10 full-time jobs being maintained and additional employees being hired on a seasonal basis.

Norman Wells Waste Management Facility Support and Development: $464,000
CanNor is investing $464,000 towards this one-year project with a further investment of $116,000 from the Norman Wells Land Corporation to complete business and financial planning for the future construction and operation of an integrated waste management facility. The total cost of the project is $580,000. This project includes a joint-venture review, risk management and an engagement plan to address the capacity requirements for the planned facility. The new facility will support Indigenous employment and training, and help entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses portfolio. In addition, this project will help build capacity for the Sahtu communities so they can reach for other economic aspirations and long-term sustainable economic growth. This project is expected to create new jobs for Norman Wells and other communities. Once the project is complete, the waste management facility is expected to have a significant economic impact for the Sahtu and beneficiaries of the Sahtu Dene and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement.

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