CanNor investments support community infrastructure across the Yukon 


Today, the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, PrairiesCan and CanNor, announced an investment of more than $1.1 million to support five community infrastructure projects across the Yukon.

These projects help strengthen local economies while embodying the community-minded spirit of the North.

White River First Nation Outdoor Community Gathering Space:  $550,000

CanNor is investing $550,000 in this two year project by Copper Niisüü Limited Partnership, the economic development corporation of the White River First Nation, to help build an accessible area for the community of Beaver Creek to gather and share cultural practices. Project activities include land use design and brush clearing.

The space will provide an accessible location for community members to share knowledge and practice traditional skills such as moosehide tanning. It can also be used during warm months as a venue for important public events such as general assemblies.

Pine Lake Trail Accessibility Upgrades:  $367,500

CanNor invested $367,500 in this one year project by the Village of Haines Junction with further investment from the Government of Yukon and the Trans Canada Trail to complete the resurfacing of a portion of the Pine Lake Trail. Project activities include landscape design and gravel and asphalt laying.

These upgrades help make the Pine Lake Trail safer and more accessible, contributing to the health and wellbeing of both visitors and residents of Haines Junction. 

Yukon Theatre Refurbishment:  $111,000

CanNor is investing $111,000 in this one year project by the Yukon Film Society with further investment from the Government of Yukon and the proponent to improve the Yukon Theatre in Whitehorse. Project activities include construction of an Arctic entry, an enclosed wheelchair-accessible entry and exit, an upgraded concession area, a stage for performing arts as well as upgrades to sound and lighting equipment and electrical systems in the auditorium.  

These upgrades will help improve visitor experience, increase energy efficiency and improve accessibility. The refurbished building will be better-equipped to offer a diverse range of programs and services that support arts, culture and community. This will help foster, share and strengthen cultural expression while creating opportunities for community gathering and local economic growth. 

Community Centre Upgrades:  $61,232

CanNor is investing $61,232 in this one year project by the Heart of Riverdale Community Centre (HRCC) with further investment from the Government of Yukon and private funders to help upgrade the facility, which aims to strengthen the arts community in Whitehorse. Project activities include a variety of electrical, construction and plumbing improvements.

These upgrades will allow the HRCC to enhance and expand programs and services, including the introduction of a pre-school fine arts program - the first of its kind in the Yukon. This will help diversify and increase revenue while creating local jobs. This investment will also support the growth of a diverse and accessible arts community. 

Outdoor Venue Infrastructure at the Guild Hall Theatre:  $32,276

CanNor is investing $32,276 in this two year project by the Guild Hall Society with further investment from partners and the proponent to upgrade the “’Round Back” outdoor venue at the Guild Hall Theatre in Whitehorse. Project activities include hiring a contractor to design and construct a new permanent awning to protect the stage and performers from the elements as well as the purchase and installation of theatrical rigging and all-weather lighting instruments. 

These upgrades help improve the facility and make it more weather-resilient, allowing theatre operations to be extended year-round. This creates opportunity for additional shows, events, workshops and venue rentals, contributing to a vibrant creative community and supporting local economic growth. 

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