Backgrounder: Canada and Ontario invest in public transit infrastructure for Burlington’s growing population


Backgrounder: Canada and Ontario invest in public transit infrastructure for Burlington’s growing population

Joint federal, provincial and municipal funding through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan will support six public transit projects in the City of Burlington. These investments will support more accessible and sustainable public transit for communities.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $5.1  million in these projects through the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS). The Government of Ontario is providing over $4.3 million, while the municipality is contributing more than $3.4 million in total toward these projects*.

Project Information:

Project Name

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Federal Funding

Provincial Funding

Municipal Funding

Conventional Transit Vehicle Expansion

The purchase of 12 new 40-foot conventional buses over the next three years will improve the quality of public transit by expanding the size of the fleet. This will make transit more efficient and convenient for riders, increase service frequency and enable connections between bus routes and regional transit.




Conventional Transit Vehicle Replacement

The procurement of five conventional buses, which will replace buses that have reached the end of their lifecycle, will help maintain a reliable and efficient transit fleet.




Specialized Transit Expansion Vehicles

Acquiring three specialized vehicles will increase the capacity of specialized transit between 2020 and 2023, which will improve the transit system's accessibility and support the growing demand for a more accessible public transit service.




Transit Traffic Signal Priority

The installation of devices on traffic signals and conventional buses, which involves the installation of 10 sets of on-board equipment, 11 sets of intersection equipment, and 1 central monitoring software package, will help increase public transit efficiency and on-time performance by allowing buses to move through traffic more efficiently.




On Demand/Alternative Service Delivery

The procurement and implementation of an intelligent transit system technology system to introduce new, on-demand services to areas that are currently underserviced and where ridership on conventional transit is low. This will result in improved capacity, quality, safety and access to the public transit system.




Vehicle Hoist Replacement and Fuel Pump Expansion

The purchase of a new fuel pump with twinned dispensing nozzles and two vehicle hoists will improve the quality of the public transit system.




*The federal and provincial governments are each contributing the maximum share of eligible costs for these projects, which are 40% and 33.33% respectively as per the requirements of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Bilateral Agreement. Contributions from recipients may include both eligible and ineligible costs. Ineligible costs are expenditures that municipalities have chosen not to request reimbursement for or that cannot be reimbursed (e.g., property purchases, overhead costs). Cost sharing may differ depending on recipient.

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