Highlights from PacifiCan’s Departmental Results Report


PacifiCan is focused on helping grow B.C. businesses, creating quality jobs and supporting an inclusive economy that benefits all peoples in British Columbia.

In August 2021, PacifiCan was established as the Government of Canada's regional development agency dedicated to British Columbia. Fiscal year 2022-23 was PacifiCan’s first full year of operations.

This report presents PacifiCan's results compared to the targets set out in our 2022-23 Departmental Plan.

  2022-23 by the numbers


Banner image of a vector graphic of BC. Text reads Expanding PacifiCan’s on-the-ground presence. PacifiCan opened 7 new offices in Victoria, Campbell River, Cranbrook, Fort St. John, Kelowna, Prince George, and Prince Rupert

Banner image with vector graphics, the title reads Investing in B.C. businesses, innovators and communities. The first column has house icons and the text reads Supported 3,100 small  and medium enterprises. The second column has icons of men and the text reads Created more than 7,600 jobs. The third column has icons of cardboaxes, text reads Helped businesses achieve $590 million   in revenue growth

Banner image of a vector graphic with diverse people, text reads Supporting inclusive growth in the B.C. economy. PacifiCan approved $117.4 million   in funding for 199 projects   with businesses majority owned by members of underrepresented groups, including: Indigenous peoples, women, youth, 2SLGBTQI+, persons with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, and members of official language minority communities.

  Our results


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Businesses are innovative and growing in British Columbia

PacifiCan supports British Columbian businesses as they innovate, scale up and pursue long-­term competitiveness and growth.


Alacrity is a one-stop shop for B.C. entrepreneurs. They equip entrepreneurs with  the skills, knowledge, network and capital to launch and grow transformational businesses in Canada.

With $1,334,425 in PacifiCan funding, Alacrity supported the B.C. clean tech sector to assess target market opportunities, increase export sales, accelerate foreign direct investment, and create good jobs. 

This project helped:

  • grow western B.C.’s clean tech sector by $40 million in export sales and
    $81 million in foreign direct investment
  • create, maintain or expand 40 businesses — 12 of which are majority-owned by women
  • create over 320 high quality jobs, including over 140 for women and over 160 for youth

Communities are economically diverse in
British Columbia 

PacifiCan helps communities in British Columbia access economic development opportunities and build resilience. PacifiCan works to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the economy and ensure economic growth is inclusive.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This Pilot, a partnership between the Community Futures North Okanagan, Shuswap and Central Kootenay, matches new skilled immigrants with permanent full time job vacancies and helps newcomers settle into their new communities. 

With $485,410 in PacifiCan funding, this project helped:

  • meet the workforce needs of hundreds of rural and Northern businesses
  • create over 410 jobs, including over 170 for women and over 230 for youth
  • create, maintain or expand over 280 businesses
  • provide business services to over 830 clients

Image of a man smiling on his desk
Image of a A Saltworks technician with an XtremeUF ultrafiltration system

Businesses invest in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in British Columbia

PacifiCan supports firms at many levels of maturity to commercialize new technologies, scale up operations, and improve productivity.


Saltworks’ advanced technologies help to reuse water, keep our environment safe from pollutants in industrial wastewater, and produce lithium for use in batteries. This benefits businesses, communities, and the environment by providing cleaner, safer water and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

With $2.5 million in PacifiCan funding, Saltworks has commercialized multiple new product lines and created 56 high-quality jobs

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