help and account management for your PacifiCan funding application(s)

If you have already created a user profile to apply for funding from PacifiCan, please do not create a new profile. This page will help you troubleshoot any problems with signing in or with an organization account.

help

If you forgot your GCKey sign-in password

Please do not create a new user profile.* Here is how to access your user profile:

*Warning - if you create a new GCKey you will be creating a new user profile and will not have access to the work you have already completed.

If you forgot your username

If you registered a unique email address with your GCKey for the email recovery function, use Sign-In Canada’s Recover Username function by entering the email address associated with your GCKey. Sign-In Canada will send you an email with your username.

If you do not have a recovery email registered with your GCKey, contact your Regional Development Agency (RDA) to receive an invitation code to reset your GCKey.


If you created a new GCKey and can’t see your previously entered information

It looks like you already have a user profile and may have created a duplicate user profile. What you need to do now is contact your RDA office to receive an invitation code to reset your GCKey.

As a security measure, we will ask you questions from the user profile you have created before we give you access to it.  Once we confirm you are entitled to access the information in our system, you will receive a unique invitation code, which will allow you to reconnect your user profile with your new GCKey.

In the meantime, feel free to keep using the user profile you have logged into.

Account management

Definition of an account

An account is associated with a business/not-for-profit/organization, rather than with a particular individual.  When an organization has requested an account, portal users associated to that account will be able to work collaboratively.

How to request an account for your organization

What you need to do is:

If your account has not yet been approved

It can take up to 10 business days for accounts to be approved from the point we receive the signed documents noted above. Upon account authorization, your portal administrators will receive an email notification informing them of their access.

If your request to be associated to an account has not been approved

Your organization’s portal administrator is responsible for approving new users of the account. You should contact your organization’s portal administrator.

Why you might need more than one user profile

You will need more than one user profile when you are working on more than one organization’s account.

For example: If your user profile is attached to ABC organization’s account, your user profile can only be used to conduct business for ABC organization’s account.  If you want to submit information for an application that is not associated to ABC’s account, you would need a different user profile attached to a different GCKey.

A user profile may or may not be attached to an account.

Note: If you are using the email recovery function, each GCKey requires a unique email address and username.

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