Community Futures in British Columbia

Community Futures (CFs) take a grassroots approach to community and economic development and are primarily focused on creating jobs outside major urban centres.

There are 90 CFs across Western Canada, including 34 in British Columbia. They are non-profit corporations run by volunteer boards of directors, supported by salaried staff.

The mandate of the corporations is community and business development. Each CF delivers a variety of services ranging from strategic economic planning, technical and advisory services to businesses, loans to small and medium-sized businesses, self-employment assistance programs, and services targeted to youth and entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Community Futures across Canada

The Community Futures Network of Canada website is your gateway to nearly 300 Community Economic Development Centres across Canada. This network works together to foster entrepreneurship and community economic development in rural areas of Western Canada.

Search our Business Service Network database

Our Western Canada Business Service Network database can help you find the CF office closest to you. Search the database for CF addresses in British Columbia.

  • 90 CF organizations across Western Canada
  • providing support to businesses
  • focusing on creating jobs outside of major urban centres
CF lending is making a difference!    PDF | 221 KB

CF lending across Western Canada is making a difference!

  • Employment Growth Rate
    (annual compounded, 2010-2015)
  • CF-assisted firms: 7.5%
  • Non-assisted firms: 2.6%
Employment Growth Rate
  • Sales Growth Rate
    (annual compounded, 2010-2015)
  • CF-assisted firms: 8.9%
  • Non-assisted firms: 4.4%
Sales Growth Rate
  • Business Longevity Rate
    (5-year survival rate)
  • CF-assisted firms: 68%
  • Non-assisted firms: 46%
Business Longevity Rate


2017-2018 Study
Compares the business performance of CF loan clients between 2010 and 2015 to similarly-sized incorporated companies in Western Canada, using Statistics Canada's databases.

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