Statistics: Parole, Pardons and Clemency

PBC Quick Stats

  (Note: Unless otherwise noted, the following statistics are for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.)
  • 1. Number of Offenders Under Federal Custody

    Incarcerated - 13,221

    Incarcerated includes offenders serving federal sentences in penitentiaries and in provincial facilities, those housed as inmates in Community Correctional Centres - as distinguished from conditionally released offenders, those temporarily absent from the institution on some form of temporary absence (Temporary Absence or Work Release), and those remanded in federal custody.

    Conditional Release - 10,154

    Conditional Release includes those federal offenders conditionally released on day parole, full parole and statutory release, including those deported, those on long term supervision orders and temporary detainees whether detained in a penitentiary or a provincial jail.

  • 2. Federal Conditional Release Population
    • Canada: 10,154
    • Atlantic region: 929
    • Quebec region: 2,464
    • Ontario region: 2,876
    • Prairie region: 2,392
    • Pacific region: 1,493
  • 3. Number of Reviews


    This number represents both federal reviews (14,686) and provincial reviews (488) where the PBC is responsible for reviewing provincial cases.

    Note: A review can be done by way of an office review on file or by way of a hearing with the offender.

  • 4. Number of Elder Assisted Hearings


    Note: An Elder-Assisted Hearing is a culturally responsive hearing process for First Nation, Métis and Inuit offenders that takes into account the uniqueness of Indigenous culture and heritage.

  • 5. Federal Parole Grant Rate

    Federal day parole: 80%

    Federal full parole: 41%

  • 6. Number of Appeal Decisions rendered by the PBC's Appeal Division

    Federal cases: 557 decisions were rendered with the initial decision being affirmed in 78% of cases.

  • 7. Successful Completion Rates of Federal Conditional Release Supervision Periods

    Day parole: 91%

    Full Parole: 88%

    (The successful completion rate of full parole includes only those offenders serving determinate sentences as those serving indeterminate sentences are not considered ‘successful completions’ for statistical purposes until the offender is deceased.)

  • 8. Number of Victims Registered with the PBC

    As of March 31, 2020, 8,783 victims were registered to receive information from the PBC.

  • 9. Number of Victim Statements Presented at PBC Hearings


  • 10. Number of Observers at Hearings


  • 11. Number of Decisions Sent from the Decision Registry


  • 12. Number of Pardons Granted

    4,919 pardon decisions rendered, 96% of pardons granted and 4% denied.

  • 13. Number of Record Suspensions Ordered

    5,496 record suspension rendered, 96% of record suspensions ordered and 4% refused.

  • 14. Royal Prerogative of Mercy

    At the end of 2019-2020, there were 150 active clemency cases. In the last five years (between 2015-2016 and 2019-2020), six clemency requests have been granted, one has been denied and 173 have been discontinued.

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