Victims of Crime Survey Results Summary

Text Description of Victims Results

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) conducted a survey between August 2 and November 30, 2022, to learn about the experiences of victims of crime in order to improve practices and better meet the needs of victims. There were 549 registered victims who responded to the survey. Most respondents had been receiving services for 11 years or more (39%) or between 1-5 years (33%).

Both CSC and the PBC provide victims with information and services to facilitate their participation in the federal corrections and conditional release systems. We are committed to upholding victims' rights under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights.

Demographics of the Respondents

Respondents were more likely to identify as women (79.7%) compared to men (19.4%) or other genders (0.9%).

Respondents were more likely to identify as white (88.2%) compared to Indigenous (5.9%) or racialized (5.9%).

Ages of respondents varied, with the majority between 35 and 75 years of age.

28 respondents (5.1%) indicated they had a disability requiring accommodation when receiving services.

Regions Providing Services to Respondents

Of the respondents surveyed:

21.8% indicated they were served by staff from the Pacific Region

25.7% indicated they were served by staff from the Prairies Region

33.1% indicated they were served by staff from the Ontario Region

10.8% indicated they were served by staff from the Quebec Region

8.7% indicated they were served by staff from the Atlantic Region

Awareness of Victim Services through CSC or the PBC

Most respondents identified that they became aware of CSC/PBC victim services through a victim services organization or criminal justice system partner. Here is a breakdown from where they became aware:

Victim Organization – 29.7%

Court – 26.6%

Police – 25%

Provincial/territorial government – 13.7%

Federal government – 11.1%

CSC/PBC website – 8.6%

Respondents were generally aware of victim services. Between 6-8% of respondents identified various services they were not aware of but were interested in receiving. 52% of respondents are currently using the Victims Portal.

72% of respondents were aware of the option to submit a victim statement to CSC/PBC at any time during the sentence.

Participation of respondents

47% of respondents submitted a victim statement to either the CSC or the PBC.

32% of respondents attended a PBC hearing as an observer.

24% of respondents presented a victim statement at a PBC hearing.

Text Description of the Satisfaction Levels

Satisfaction of Respondents

Satisfaction was measured on a scale from Very Unsatisfied to Very Satisfied or Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree (1 represents Very Unsatisfied or Strongly Disagree and 5 represents Very Satisfied or Strongly Agree).

The satisfaction results below reflect the median (average) of all responses received. Although there were 549 total registered victims who responded, the sample for each individual result varied as not all victims requested or accessed the same services.

Service Satisfaction

Satisfaction with victim registration process (Registration) – 4 stars

Satisfaction with victim notification letters received (Notifications) – 4 stars

Satisfaction with the secure online web application for victims (Victims Portal) – 4 stars

Satisfaction with the information in the report and its benefit to victims (Correctional Plan Progress Report) – 4 stars

Satisfaction that submitting a victim statement was a meaningful way to have concerns heard (Victim Statements) - 4 stars

Satisfaction with requesting and listening to an audio recording of a PBC hearing (Audio Recording) - 3 stars

Overall Satisfaction

Being treated with courtesy, dignity and respect - 5 stars

Having privacy and confidentiality respected - 5 stars

Information provided was clear and relevant - 4 stars

Information and assistance provided had a positive experience on participation - 4 stars

Services received were timely - 4 stars

Overall satisfaction with the services received from CSC and the PBC - 4 stars

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