PMPRB announces next steps in Guidelines consultation process

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October 25, 2023 — Ottawa, ON — Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) will launch the first phase of consultations on its new Guidelines by inviting stakeholders to participate in a Policy Roundtable on December 5 (English session) and December 6 (French session).

The intent of this phase is to foster a productive conversation, where all parties can voice their opinions and concerns.

At the Roundtable, stakeholders will be invited to share their views on the development of new Guidelines. The Board is seeking views on the following themes:      

  • Efficient Monitoring of Prices without Price Setting
  • Transition to PMPRB11 – New versus Existing Medicines
  • Price Reviews during Product Life Cycle
  • Investigations and Referral to Hearing
  • Relation to pan-Canadian Health Partners, Insurers (Private and Public); and Alignment with Broader Government Initiatives
  • Engaging with Patients, Health Practitioners, Pharmacy, and other Stakeholders

A scoping paper will be published ahead of the Roundtable, outlining each theme and the specific questions on which the PMPRB is seeking feedback to assist in developing new Guidelines. Details regarding participation at the Roundtable (in person or virtually) will be included in the scoping paper.

After the first phase of consultations is completed, a ‘’what we heard’’ report will be published.

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to follow the PMPRB on X (formerly Twitter), to stay informed of new developments and announcements.

Quick facts

  • The Guidelines explain the procedures used by staff at the PMPRB when monitoring the prices of patented medicines. In particular, they explain the criteria staff will consider in determining whether the price of a patented medicine warrants a more in-depth review in the form of an investigation. 

  • The opening of an investigation may lead to a recommendation to the PMPRB’s Chairperson to hold a public hearing into whether the price of the patented medicine is excessive under section 85 of the Patent Act.

  • On September 27, 2023, the PMPRB published its decision on Amended Interim Guidance.

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