Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) protects and informs Canadian consumers by reviewing the prices of patented medicines sold in Canada, and by reporting on pharmaceutical trends.

We are an independent quasi-judicial body that is part of the Health portfolio, and operate at arm’s-length from the Minister of Health.

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What We Learned Report

What We Learned Report

The report is a summary of the feedback received at the Policy Roundtable.

Meds Entry Watch 8th Edition

Meds Entry Watch 8th Edition

This edition of the report  explores the market entry of new medicines in Canada and other countries.

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Thomas J. Digby


Guillaume Couillard
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Regulatory Process

The PMPRB is responsible for ensuring the prices that patentees charge for prescription and non-prescription patented medicines sold in Canada to wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies or others, for human and veterinary use, are not excessive.

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Every report and publication published by the NPDUIS group.



Effective and meaningful stakeholder involvement is essential to enable the PMPRB to fulfil its mandate, deliver programs, launch new initiatives, and build public trust.

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