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This blog series presents information on polar issues and research, including research conducted or supported by Polar Knowledge Canada.

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How the Arctic Remote Energy Network Academy helps promote clean energy in the North 2023-03-06
Polar Knowledge Canada and Royal Canadian Geographic Society bring podcast training to youth in the North 2023-02-15
One Health: caribou, muskoxen, and people on Victoria Island, Nunavut 2023-02-09
Polar Knowledge Canada at the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 2022-11-28
POLAR's clean energy projects 2022-11-21
Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) speaker series 2022 2022-11-07
New funding supports the search for solutions to declining caribou herds 2022-09-27
Inuit polar bear experts share their knowledge in a ground-breaking new study 2022-08-10
Using DNA to track invasive species in the Arctic 2022-08-02
Why is the Antarctic important to Canada? 2022-06-10
How is rapid change in the Arctic affecting caribou? 2022-06-06
Climate change and food security in the North 2022-05-30
How is climate change affecting Arctic char? 2022-05-16
Whales, change, and marine conservation in the Canadian Arctic 2022-05-09
Insights from Indigenous knowledge holders and scientists on changing Arctic environments 2022-05-02
New POLAR webinar series 2022-02-24
How is climate change affecting the Arctic's smallest mammal, the lemming? 2022-01-27
POLAR, National Research Council and Natural Resources Canada collaborate 2021-12-07
How community-driven research is solving a problem with thawing permafrost in Kugluktuk 2020-08-10
Turning waste into energy in the North 2019-12-09
Tracking wildfire impacts at the top of the world 2019-03-18
The Canadian High Arctic Research Station comes online 2019-03-01
The goundbreaking program that helped make Canada an Arctic science heavyweight 2018-11-16
Unearthing clues to the mystery of the great Pleistocene extinction in Yukon 2018-10-15
The plan to save the N.W.T.'s dwindling Bathurst caribou herd 2018-09-21
Managing an Arctic snow goose surge 2018-08-24
How mobile labs are changing Arctic science 2018-06-15
Antarctic springtail secrets 2018-04-17
Investigating the landscape legacies of northern wildfires 2018-03-16
How changing sea ice is also changing lives in the North 2018-01-17
How satellite radar is making Canada's northern winter roads safer 2017-10-31
How the ABoVE project is helping NASA gather data on our warming Arctic 2017-10-10
Tracking the Arctic char of southern Victoria Island 2017-09-27
How a new northern mapping project is preserving Inuit traditional knowledge 2017-06-29
The surprising links between people and plants in the North 2017-05-24
What's killing muskox in the Arctic Islands? 2017-04-03
The mystery of Yukon's disappearing kestrels 2017-02-17
Exposing the secrets of the largest Arctic meteorite crater found in a decade 2016-12-22
How Arctic scientists are unveiling long-standing marine ecosystem mysteries 2016-11-11
Archeologists find rich historical record in melting Arctic ice 2016-10-04
How Antarctic isolation affects the mind 2016-09-16
How a new catalogue of Arctic plants is revealing a changing North 2016-07-14
How researchers are saving northern runways 2016-06-23
What insects are teaching us about the Arctic 2016-05-24
Labrador project combines local knowledge with new technology to make ice travel safer 2016-04-07
How Canadian ice research is changing the way offshore structures are built in the Arctic 2015-12-23
How could a warming Arctic affect bowhead whales? 2015-10-15
Renewable energy builds self-reliance in Fort McPherson, N.W.T. 2015-08-27
Flame retardants in Nunavut gulls are helping scientists understand how the chemicals are affecting Arctic ecosystems 2015-07-15
Housing innovations in Nunatsiavut 2015-06-19
Mapping the Van Tat Gwich'in routes 2015-04-24
Searching the North for new sources of medication 2015-04-10
Ice-sealed lakes in Canada's highest Arctic are ancient living laboratories 2015-03-13
Using local knowledge to improve food security in the Arctic 2015-03-06
Biodiversity at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean 2015-02-11
Iconic driftwood house preserved in Mackenzie Delta permafrost 2015-01-22
Tracking fresh water and contaminants in the Arctic Ocean 2014-12-19
Innovative techniques monitor polar bears without disturbing them 2014-11-27
Using Antarctic ice to map the universe's energy hot spots 2014-11-07
Advanced Canadian sonar technology takes crystal-clear pictures of arctic sea floor during the 2014 Franklin search 2014-10-20
Not wanted on the voyage: Invasive species and Arctic shipping 2014-09-26
Testing, testing: Inuit hunters and scientists work together to ensure walrus meat safe to eat 2014-09-12
Could amphibious buildings be part of the solution for flood-prone James Bay communities? 2014-08-15
Arctic berry research gives Inuit youth hands-on science experience 2014-08-01
Heavy-metal-eating microorganisms are being put to work filtering contaminated water at northern mine sites 2014-07-18
The Arctic voyages of the intrepid ringed seal 2014-07-04
An innovative project is using Arctic greenhouses to build food security and community well-being 2014-06-18
How an inventive Canadian experiment is exploring the possible effects of climate change in the Arctic 2014-06-04
New research into Arctic marine mammal movements aims to maintain the future of a traditional Inuit food source 2014-05-02
An Ottawa group of Arctic aficionados celebrates a milestone 2014-04-16
An Arctic researcher works to reduce the impact of trace contaminants in country food 2014-03-28
A program that sends youth from Canada's North to Africa provides life-changing opportunities 2014-03-08
Emerging satellite and imaging technologies may help limit the increasing risks to Arctic shipping and exploration 2014-02-28
How economics, the environment and innovation may lead to a return to the airship, particularly for cargo transportation in the Canadian Arctic 2014-02-08
A look at the complexities of reaping the rewards of Arctic resource development 2014-01-25
Tracking the Arctic's tiniest creatures reveals surprising insights into Canada's polar region 2014-01-11
Understanding change in Canada's boreal forest — including its farthest northern reaches — is critical to appreciating habitat change around the globe 2013-12-14
Tracking the Greenland shark's Arctic movements 2013-11-30
How studying Arctic marine seabirds helps document pollution trends in the North and beyond 2013-11-16
Finding a balance between development and traditional food sharing in the North 2013-11-02
High Arctic glacier researcher works to help predict the impacts of climate change 2013-10-22
How muskrats are an example of co-operation between Aboriginal Peoples and government in Canada's North 2013-10-05
Antarctic research could help NASA limit risks to astronaut health 2013-09-21
Canada's North may hold clues to water (and life!) on Mars 2013-09-06

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